Make your project public & visible to all possible talents interested in applying! We are going to promote it and even send out job alerts free of charge so you'll receive suitable submissions instantly, in record time!

You'll be able to view your applications directly on your project online. The talents will register with all important details based on your job descriptions & requirements, even upload photos, about-me videos, and a self-presentation if you ask for one. Your online casting call will reach talents no matter where they are and even if they can't be physically present in the first stages of your recruitment process, you'll be able to see and communicate with them online easily and in record time due to our modern tools.

Create and Publish Your Casting Call

Start the recruiting process now!
Post your job and in just a few minutes you'll receive suitable submissions!

It is important for talents to know the name and type of job you are offering to them. Be specific in order to receive the desired candidates/submissions.

Be clear if only talents in a certain age range should apply.

Name the project category and drop some big names to attract more talents. The chance to work with renowned brands, well-known actors and directors and top-tier production companies will tempt more talents to apply. Write down all the most eye-catching project details here!

Who is your "perfect candidate"? Describe the "perfect talent for your job" to find her/him quicker! Be specific if you want to receive only suitable aplications and give as many details as you can, such as: lookalike, physical characteristics, ethnicity, skills, abilities, professional level, diploma, licenses, experience or acting skills required so the talents know how they should look/act/be in order to apply to your job.

Give specific directions regarding submissions as well as additional information about the selection process. Ask the talents when applying to fill in on their profile the "must have" information that you need to know about them, such as: recent (no older than X months) photos, videos or selftapes (self-made interview videos/auditions), eye colour, recent height, weight or hair length, or any other requirements or deadlines that they must respect.

Let the talents know if applications are to be closed by a specific date.
Please note that after this date the "Job Submission status" will be automatically "Closed". You'll have the option to re-open the job submissions after closing.

Is this a Paying Role?*

If this is a pro-bono job the talents must be informed in advance, as well as furnished with all the important information about the project in order to be sure they agree.

    Accepted file formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, RTF, ODT, ODP, ODS, TXT. Maximum file size: 15MB. Maximum 5 files.

      Accepted file formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG. Maximum file size: 15MB. Maximum 5 files.

      Need more tools to help you recruit & find the perfect candidate in record time?

      No problem! With our “Click & Cast” recruiting system you have them!

      Do you want them "NOW"? It is possible!

      Talents can immediately record themselves on a smartphone and upload the video directly to the platform so it will be available for you in real-time, just one click away.

      Do you want to instantly check 1000 talents? It is possible!

      You can communicate with selected talents in record time through our integrated notification system. For example, you can send out messages directly to the selected talents' phones, 100-1000 or even 5000 if you want, simultaneously. No need to check thousands of messages on email and social media accounts or download huge attachments - everything is online, available any time you want, in one single place.

      Do you want to sort or mark your favorite talents? It is possible!

      You can comfortably manage their profiles, add notes or exchange comments or share access with your collaborators.

      Use our “Click & Cast” all-in-one tool to streamline your recruitment process and improve your efficiency! Start the recruiting process now! Post your job and in just a few minutes you'll receive suitable submissions!

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